Where I'd rather be!

I've grown up in the North, West Virginia was my home for 23 years, I spent a few in Mississippi, which I think is what spoiled me, now in Ohio.  You would think after being in snow all of my life, that I would love it, enjoy it, whatever, but I don't!  I am so sick of the fluffy white stuff I could vomit!  We had a few days last week that teased us and was 65 degrees, it was lovely!  I loved every second of it!  I would much rather spend my time outside playing with my boys, working in the yard or garden, riding bikes or running in the sunshine.  Though my favorite pastime in the summer is just soaking up some Vitamin D!

This morning I woke up to, what other than, SNOW!!!! UGH! It is so pretty the first time if falls for the year, but anything after that, makes me want to throw up!  I can't stand it!

It's only a dusting so far, but it means I have to put my winter coat on.  Bundle myself and the boys up to go and be cold!  I hate, I mean hate, being cold!

I would much rather have on some
Hanging out here
Myrtle Beach
or here

Anywhere warm would be great, and enjoying the outside! 
Until that dream can come true, I'll just keep wishing and praying that one day I get to live somewhere that I can where my flip flops year round and soak up the sun a little bit everyday. 

Have a Beautiful Friday Friends! 

♥ BJ

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b. lee said...

FLIP FLOPS :D we're so in the same boat * happy Friday & cheers to the change of seasons SOON * *

Mrs. E said...

I would much rather be somewhere else too. We had a few of those nice days last week too. Then here comes a huge snow storm on sunday dumping almost a foot of snow and more snow yesterday and today and we are back to the snow mounds everywhere.

BK said...

I'd love to be on a beach in the warm somewhere :). Stopping in on Friday Hops. Hope you have a great weekend. New follower.



Devonay said...

Me too! In Indiana all but two years of my life. Those two were spent in Illinois, so not much different. I'm freezing. Tired of being cold. I woke up at 3:30 this morning and my whole small town was without power. I got ready for work at 6:30 this morning in the dark. I'm over it!!!

Jet-Setting Divas said...

Happy friday! Found you on FTLOB! Hope you will check out our blog as well!


Chrissy said...

I am so with you on this! I'd rather be somewhere warm instead as well! Let's go together!
Have a fab weekend girl! xxx

Anonymous said...

Hopping over from ONE of the numerous blog hops I've seen today, trying to find some new bloggy friends.....loving your spot
I am from up North, but now reside in TN....I thought I LOVED the snow, but I must say when it "took over" here this winter I wasn't TOO impressed! LOL


Branson @ Reflection of Something said...

Can I go with you? I am soooo seriously sick of winter and snow! Yes, w just got more too!

Pamela said...

I'm all over going to a warmer place. We had 5" of snow overnight. I'm ever so thankful for a warm house.


Marni's Organized Mess said...

I LOVE the photos of the flip flops! Totally cute and creative! I am your newest follower!

Come over and say hello sometime! Or, come to win of my giveaway's; Rockin' Green Detergent, Baby Bond Nursing Cover (great gift idea too!), or Roundabout Cupcake Sleeves. They all have about a week with rather low entries!

Kelly @cupofserenity said...

Stopping bu with the comment love link up! I'm from Ohio too. The snow just gets too much sometime and seeing those flip flops alone made me want to get some sun!


Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas said...

aww, wish I could send you some of my FL weather!

Spring is coming - though not soon enough I am sure for those of you still dealing with snow!

I know, come visit me! :)

Crystal said...

Oh Yeah!! Take me with you! I live in South Dakota...can you say COLD!?! I am so ready for some sun...unfortunately, the spring is when we get most of our blizzards :( I want cute strappy sandals and dresses. I keep begging hubby to move us somewhere warm...but we kind of like daddy having a job and being able to eat...so I guess in the frozen tundra we shall stay!