A Stay at Home Mom Happy Valentine's Day

Let me start out by saying that a stay at home mom has the toughest job in the world.  It seems like a scene from the movie Groundhog Day, where everyday seems to repeat itself identical to the last.

1.  Wake up
2.  Get kids ready
3.  Feed kids
4.  Listen to them play and scream until lunch
5.  Make lunch
6.  Nap time about 1 pm (hopefully some peace and quiet)
7.  After nap, listen to them play and scream until dinner
8.  Make dinner
9.  Listen to them play and scream until dinner
10.  Eat dinner
11.  Listen to them play and scream until Bath time
12.  Give kids a bath
13.  Put them in bed (reading stories and prayers and also tons of hugs and kisses)
14.  Ahhh finally peace and quiet (hopefully to watch Vampire Diaries in peace)

Oh yeah, did I leave out the other little things that get accomplished like doing the dishes, running errands, laundry, vacuuming etc etc.  It seems as if it never ends.  It is a thankless job with long hours and bad pay.  I am fortunate enough to have a decent job where my wife can stay home with our boys.  She has done an amazing job keeping our house in order and very clean.  Well that is until Thing 1 and Thing 2 wake up and re-destroy the house. 
See, never ending cycle.
We have never been big on celebrating Valentine's Day, it's just another day to us, but I just want my wife to know that I appreciate everything she does around the house.  She has done an amazing job raising our boys and I am so proud of how they are turning out.  She supports me in my career and I could not ask for a better wife.  I would give her the moon if I could, but unless Walmart starts selling them for cheap, we'll just have to stare up at the sky together. 
Well tonight we'll just stay at home and have a wonderful, quiet dinner with 2 screaming boys.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Thank you for everything Bobbi.

Steve ✈


Anonymous said...

How sweet! What an awesome hubby!

Chrissy said...

This is super sweet!
What a great hubby!
Happy Valentine's Day!

**Ashley P** said...

I nodded through the whole list and giggled about Walmart. That was very sweet!!!

Rachel said...

That is so sweet!! Hope y'all get some "down" time today. I love the "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" comment. I'm going to start calling my nephews that!!


Mrs. Bee said...

AWW! What a GREAT post! Steve just won points in the husband department! So cute!

**Ashley P** said...

i gave you an award :)

Anonymous said...

OMG I think that was so beautiful Steve. I got tears in my eyes when I read this. Wish there were more men like you. You are lucky to have the wife that you do. God Bless you and your family and keep on loving each other. Life is so short and we need to appreciate all each other.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! That is perfect, comparing being a SAHM to the movie Groundhog Day! It totally fits!

What a sweet Husband!

Katie said...

That is really sweet of the hubby!! :)


Anonymous said...

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