1 cure for cabin fever!

(no children were harmed making this video)
(Da Freakout loves doing this, and now Baby Diesel does too!)
Have a great weekend! 

♥ BJ


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Donna said...

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Kandy said...

Ha!! Cute =)

Shalyn said...

That is the cutest thing EVER! I wish my mom let us do this sort of thing- cute blog!

Mrs. Bee said...

LoL what a hilarious way to entertain your kids! So funny and so cute! I will have to make sure to keep this one in my back pocket so when we have kids I remember to use it. Just like the other day I read somewhere to fill up water bottles with food coloring and then let the kids go outside and "paint" the snow- genius! I need to keep a journal of this stuff! Good thing I found your site! Hope you have a great day!


Suesan said...

How cute. Years ago, I would turn our stairs into a slide for the kids. I put a long shelf board that I had on the stairs with a ton of pillows and blankets at the bottom. They'd slide all day on that thing!

Laurie Harrison said...

I'm strolling and stopping by everyone's blog.
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beachbaby said...

How cute..creative way to entertain too lol

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