Just Super

Super Bowl Sunday is over. The Greenbay Packers are our Super Bowl Champions. Please notice the lack of an exclamation point. It was a great game none the less. My hats off to the Packers; they took advantage of the Steeler’s turnovers to win. It was one of the best Super Bowls I have watched in my life.  It would have been better if Big Ben would have orchestrated the last minute heroics that he is known for, but it didn’t happen.

Enough about the awesomeness of the game itself and turn our attention to the lackluster Super Bowl commercials. Personally I can honestly say I laughed a grand total of 4 times, and out of those 3 were good; watching guys getting kicked in the nads is so over played.
So let’s rule out the Safe Auto commercial, that leaves us with Budweiser, Bridgestone, and VW. The angry cowboy breaking into Elton John’s timeless classic “Tiny Dancer” was so funny I nearly wet myself. The beaver saving the life of the man who spared his was so touching I was almost in tears, then top it off by the beaver throwing props to the man in car.  The idyllic scenery of the woodland setting being broken by a boisterous black beetle with distinctive white racing stripes makes even a hardened Manday man like myself almost want to drive a cute little beetle around the block once or twice. 

That was it, really? Super Bowl commercials should be super. Period. Half of us could come up with better stuff. People get paid millions to make us the all singing all dancing slaves of media. I say to all of those except the four mentioned commercials, boo.
If I missed good ones tell me about them so I can hit You Tube and maybe bring some joy into my post Super Bowl sadness.



posidanielle said...

I think my favorite commercial was the little boy in the Darth Vader costume trying to use the force on different things in the house and then he goes out to the car and the tries then the dad uses the automatic start remote to turn on the car and the boy was so surprised that it worked! It was so cute!

Vic said...

i never watched it....haha:) o'well nothing sounded exciting to me...everyone on twitter was going crazy with super bowl stuff...LOL have a nice week

Chrissy said...

I didn't watch either...just a few of the commercials...not a big football fan - guess that's because I'm German. ;)

Rachel said...

Darth Vader was by far my favorite! I actually did a post today with some of my favorite commercials of the night!! :)

Have a great week!


Simplegirl said...

I personally didn't think they were great, I think I giggled at maybe one or two and that was it. Thank you for stopping by for a visit at my Misc. Mon. I am now following:-)