Simple Pencil Block Holder

Here is a simple craft idea that would be great for a kid to give to a teacher or grandparent as a present.  It is a simple pencil holder that you or your kid can decorate anyway you see fit.  All you need is a scrap piece of wood that is lying around.  I decided to make different size holes to accommodate anything from pencils to sharpie markers.  I even made a larger hole for a pair of scissors.  When its was time to paint, I decided to use chalkboard paint.  This way you can write notes on the outside and then wipe them away when not needed.

Here is what you will need:
Chop saw
4 x 4
Sandpaper / Sander
Drill bits (various sizes)
Paint Brush
Paint (your choice) I chose chalkboard paint

I started by cutting the 4x4 on an angle of 19 degrees.  This allows the block to stand up and not topple over. 

I then took a leftover 2x4 that I had and just made a freehand cut down the middle. 

This piece would go in front of the block and add support.

In the front of the small block, drill 2 screws in, to hold the pieces together.

Now that the pieces are together, begin sanding.  Sand as much as you like.  Ensure that there will be no chance for splinters and all edges are rounded.

Next, place the block in a vise and drill holes in the top that will allow anything from pens, pencils to sharpie markers.  I even made a hole big enough for a pair of scissors.  Unless you have a drill press, the holes will not line up exactly with each other.  I used my cordless drill and it seems as though the drill bit follows the path of least resistance through the softer areas.  This caused my holes to be slightly off from each other.

Now its time to paint.  Again I used chalkboard paint.

I gently brushed the top of the outside two and liked how it left that zebra effect.

Now all you have to do is let the paint dry.

When dry, you will be ready to write/draw or decorate however you want.  You can use green paint and paint ivy or leaves on the side or other colors to make it look like a frame.  Be creative.  Since I think this would make a great gift for D to give to a teacher, I just jotted down the date.
Sorry, terrible penmanship.

When Monday is over, just wipe away with a damp cloth.

I hope you all enjoyed and and make something memorial for a loved one or a wonderful gift for a teacher.



Good Girl Gone Green said...

Good job! I am so not that handy at all nor creative!

KSK said...

That's a very cute idea!!!