Sh!t My Kids Ruined

Let me start out by saying that I love my kids and know that they are little and accidents will happen. Depending on the item, ruined can either be a permanent or temporary condition.  I have resigned to the fact that my house will be destroyed for the next 10+ years and will only fix the items that really are in need.  There are numerous books where pages have been torn out or spines are ripped in half.
For example, Da Freakout decided one day that he was going to move the console in my truck so he could sit in the middle.  Well instead of lifting the small handle to do it, he just started pulling by the cupholder and separated the cupholders from the rest of the seat.  I will say that duct tape and a large tube of super or gorilla glue is a must. 
Here is a small list including photos of sh!t my kids ruined.

Venetian blinds.  No less than 6 are broke right now in my house.
Great for privacy.

Bar stool 1 Wood Floor 0

Some Ninja decided that standing on the gate and jumping to get over it was a good idea.
Check out the duct tape repair.

Dyson vacuum no longer has a holder for the cord.

What's missing?  How about my favorite Japanese Maple shrub that was right in the middle of the mulch.
Da Freakout drove his power wheel F150 right over it.

Trampoline netting.  Not even a year old and there was a 7 foot rip in it.  Once it started, they kept pulling it.
I had to take some heavy rope to sew it back up.

Well this may not be ruined, but it's to funny not to share.  I gave the boys a bath in the jacuzzi tub last night and left the water and soap in there.  I wanted to fill the tub up more and add Clorox to clean the jets.  Bobbi decided to turn the jets on and close the door.  10 minutes later she came down laughing hysterically on what happened.  Pretty funny but my arms still smell like Clorox.

What are some things that your kids have ruined?? Just stockpile the duct tape and glue and all will be good. 

 Have a great Monday!!!!

Steve ✈


Michelle said...

Oh, so many things. My dining room table, all of their storage ottomans, truthfully, there are so many, I can't think of them all right now! Thanks for stopping by the Sit and Relax weekend hop! See you next time.
Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life

Rachel said...

HA HA HA!! That bathtub story is priceless!