Bowling Pins, Swamp Thing and Clay Pigeons.

Friends and neighbors allow me to gush my joy out on this blog post today. I have spent a glorious day at one of my friends new homes in the Hocking Hills area of Ohio. Not only was it quite the Sunday drive with its picturesque views but it was an entire day filled with good 'ole fashioned fun. The invitation read something like this, bring some guns lots of ammo, beverages, and a chair. I like when my days are spelled out for me, especially when it involves some front porch sitting, shooting and some mud slinging.
Getting to these remote localities are usually part of the fun. I had some rough directions and a decent idea that I would get turned around and see some cool stuff. This trip did not disappoint; the directions were as rural as the location and definitely involved a "turn left where the old barn used to be." Eventually I made it to the shindig and shortly after that the festivities began. Gathered in the hills where quite a motley crew of other gun slingers their better halves and some young in's running wild. The shooting involved everything from rim fire rifles and pistols, to a couple of race guns, some sporting shotguns and a smattering of modern sporting rifles, AR 15's.
It wasn't long ago that I horse traded for some bowling pins and rapidly realized the exceptional quality of targets these things made. They can absorb the heaviest hitters and keep on going. These little guys were seemingly indestructible as they soaked up round after round of our ammo. The kids loved them because they fell over when they shot them and even the adults loved the reactive targets. During our shooting spree we were blessed to have a clay pigeon thrower and couple of hand held throwers to keep the eager shot gunners busy.
To cap the day off, there we embarked on a quick set of trail riding. The rain provided us with plenty of mud and there were enough quads to go around. Once our adventurous needs were satisfied we hosed ourselves off and had a great dinner break with brats, chips and dip, including a corn salsa that I will soon have the recipe to.
Mother nature let loose some more downpours and we hung out on the porch and relived the highlights of the day, and planned out our next rendezvous. How much better can life get folks?  A short jaunt out of the city was exactly what I needed.


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joeh said...

Hopefully there was no booze involved!

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