Personalized Hand Sanitizer for back to school

If you missed my tweet yesterday, my baby started Kindergarten!  (sigh)
If you ask, no, I did not cry, not even a little.  I swear!
Here he is, ready to go.  
I thought I would make his new teacher and the secretary a little something to start their year off
"squeaky clean"
I found several examples of this all over the Internet. 
I started off with a bottle of hand sanitizer, some un-do and some vinyl.
Remove the stickers from the bottles, then use the un-do to remove the sticky.
I only did this on one side.
 I cut the vinyl into a 3" shape, and one into a 1 1/2" letter
 Centered them onto the bottle and added a ribbon
On the backside I found an adorable printable about hands somewhere on the web, I'm sorry I can't find who I got it from, but I would like to thank them!
I used the sticky that was already on there, printed the words on a piece of overhead transparency and cut it to fit.

The secretary was beyond surprised and thrilled, and the teacher loved it.  I know when I was a teacher, anything was appreciated, and I think secretaries are amazing!  

To all the teachers, secretaries, principals and staff, I hope you have an amazing 2011-2012 School year!  
Have a Happy Humpday loves!

Love, BJ


Vic said...

what a cutie! look at him strut his stuff:) happy school year! xoxo

Jansen Family said...

Such a cute idea! and you are so right about the secretaries--they are amazing!


Clumsy Coquette said...

What a cute idea! If you need some foaming soap, I recently posted a tutorial on how to do that. Would be cute with the sanitizer!

Found your blog on the blog hop!

~your newest follower


Gabby said...

My daughter just started Kindergarten, and she LOVES her teacher. Those are such wonderful and thoughtful gift ideas!

The Late, Young Family


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