What to pack for car rides for kids

We take several car trips during a year since both of our families live far out of town.  Over the years we have figured out what works, and what doesn't when packing.  I'm sure you all have your tips and tricks too, which I would love for you to leave me a comment with those.  It's always nice to have a few things in the arsenal just in case.

For each of the boys, I pack different things.  For the oldest here is what I pack.
                                          1.  Field Journal with worksheets and coloring pages
                                          2. pencil bag with crayons, pencils, sharpener and eraser
                                          3. I-pod with his music
                                          4. Bop-it
                                          5. Camera/Camcorder for pictures and video by him
                                          6.  DVD player and 3 movies of his choice
                                          7.  Nintendo DS

             These are laminated letters that he will be writing when school starts with washable Expo markers.

 I print out worksheets for all the states that we go through for a small history lesson.

Baby Diesel's items include:
                                                     1.  A field journal
                                                     2.  Crayons
                                                     3.  Flash cards
                                                     4.  2 DVD's for himself
                                                     5.  Leap Frog Driving wheel
                                                     6.  We also picked up some new cars for him because he loves cars!
I put coloring pages in his field journal since he loves to color also

Of course there will be plenty of water and snacks packed in the truck too.  We carry snacks such as goldfish, grapes, animal crackers, things that don't get too messy.   It always seems like no matter what be bring, they would rather just talk, which is quite entertaining in itself.  I wish they would sleep, but it becomes a learning experience for us all!  

I hope you all have fun and safe travels this summer!


Olivia Grace said...

I LOVE this!! Thank you for this, great advice!

nilanila said...

Good Idea, this things are good for kids, not gadget :p

I hope that you don't mind to visit my blog, thanks :)

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas said...

I should do a post on what I packed for the girls on our road trip - it was actually very successful! Very similar to what you have here but much more girly! :)