Kids must-haves for the beach

There are a few basic things I always carry with me when we head to the beach.  These are the things that the boys love, and since they love them, it works for me!

1. Plenty of sand toys!
 I love these below from Delsol, they change color in the sun, they are so cool! 
2.  A Tonka dump truck.  This toy will be played with for hours and hours!
3.  Infant Beach tent.
It's just the right size for the little ones to keep them out of the sun.
Plus they could sleep in it for a nap, if needed.

4. Infant sun hat with spf, they are cute and they keep the sun off their heads and faces.
5.  Of course Neutrogena Sunblock, if you missed the post about it, check it out here
6. Water shoes to protect the littles toes from the hot, hot sand!  They might not really like them at first, but they do a great job protecting them.
7.  Backpack beach chairs.
I love these!  We have the adult size and the toddler size.  They are the perfect size for your 3 or 4 year old to put it on their back and walk it to the beach.

8.  A great beach wrap.  The boys love these, they feel like a superhero with the hoods up and being wrapped up and warm. I found mine here

Whatever you choose to bring, have fun and enjoy your kids, they are only little once!

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Carolyn said...

We can't go even CAMPING with "beach gear" LOL Red head and fair skin. I take stock in sunscreen during the summer =) Happy Wednesday!