Best Sunscreen for Kids

When I first started using sunscreen on Da Freakout I used Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen.

Actually the first two years of his life I used this.  The third summer, I put it on him, and 30 mins later, he was broken out from head to toe.  I knew automatically that it was an allergic reaction, but I called the doctor, who wanted to see him, because it sounded like something more serious to them.  Really?  I think they just want you to come in for every little thing just to get paid.  Now I'm not an M.D.  but I am pretty smart, and can figure out usually what's wrong with my kids and even myself most of the time.  I told them thanks, but I would see how he does, and call back if I really need them.  I called the dermatologist and asked them what kind of sunscreen they would recommend.  The first thing out of their mouth, Neutrogena,  it won't break him out.  I jumped in the car, bought 
for his face

which, this is the new bottle, the old bottle was white and yellow.  

I have been using this ever since.  I started using it on Baby Diesel when I could put it on him, and haven't had an allergic reaction since. 
Yes this stuff is a little more than all the other kids stuff, but it is totally worth the money you pay, especially if you don't have to see your precious little one broken out from head to toe.

Another plus, I use the 70 spf, and they have never burned, not once.  We take it to the beach, to the pool, and just playing out in the yard, and they have darker skin than I do, and I hardly use anything.  (It's kind of annoying)

If you would like to try it out, I found a coupon for $2 off here  I do believe it's on sale this week also at Walgreens, making it $4 off total.  For that price, it's worth giving it a try, right?

Here are the facts, straight from Neutrogena
No dripping or whitening, even on wet skin
Being at the pool, beach or in humid climates make applying sunscreen difficult since ordinary sunblock drips and whitens under wet conditions. New Wet Skin Sunblock with 
is the first line of sunscreen specially formulated to be applied
to wet skin.
Full strength sun protection
Wet Skin spray technology instantly cuts through water to form a broad spectrum UVA/UVB protective barrier.

I truly love this product, and highly recommend it.  This is all my personal opinion, and just what I know from experience.  If you don't want to take my word, try it out yourself.  Just have a safe and happy time in the sun!

Happy Humpday! 


Christine and Company said...

Hello...glad to know that my little guys isn't the only one who has had a sudden allergic reaction to a suncreen that he has used for the past two years! We are fighting a rash as we speak...I'll definitly check out the sunscreens you mentioned.
Following you from the Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop...hope you'll follow me back!

Rachel said...

I'll pass this info along to my cousin. His kids are always outside, either swimming, playing baseball or playing in the yard. Two of his kids have a darker complextion but his little one is pale like me and burns easily (I like to say I make vampires look tan!) :)

Have a great day!


Frugal in WV said...

I love the sunscreen sticks, they work great for my two kids faces! New follower from the welcome wednesday hop, have a great evening! You can find me at

Charis's Mum said...

I too use Neutrogena on my daughter. Thankfully, so far, I don't have any breakouts. Following you from Welcome Wednesday. My blog is: mummytocharis.blogspot.com