Beach Must-Haves

I am a beach lover!  One day I will live close enough to the beach that I can drive there and spend the day, be able to go home, and do it all over again. Until then, I will continue to go for 2 weeks and enjoy the time I'm there.
I wanted to share the things I can't live without when I go, these are the items you'll see me tuggin along in hand onto to the beach.
1. A comfy beach chair.  I like that this one lays down for your backside.  I found this one
2. A huge comfy beach towel, not only to have in your chair, but to completely cover you up when you've cooled down in the ocean. I found this one here
3. I have to have my shades!  My wonderful husband bought me my Oakley's last summer, and I treat them like one of my babies, you can order them from oakley, and they have free shipping.  I love these!

4.  You'll never catch me without my tumbler, I bought my first one last year from tumblerbay.  This isn't my exact one, but I wish it were!  It keeps my drinks cool enough between visits to the camper.

5.  All summer long I sport my Clarks flip flops, I could buy several pairs of cheap ones, but I have had mine for years, they last forever, and they never hurt my back or feet.  I found the newest one I want to add to my stash. You can order them here
6.  I love a comfy cover up to get back and fourth.  I'm not one to walk around everywhere with my bathing suit on, I don't want to make people jealous. Bahahaha, just kidding. 
7.  Australian Gold with Bronzer is my favorite sunscreen, hands down.  Ever since I was in middle school I've loved it.  When we go to Myrtle I always buy several bottles to last me until the next summer.  This smells good, and makes you all pretty. You can order it from here if you don't have anywhere close to buy it.
8.  A great book is always a must, of course if you have little guys, you don't get much time to read, but I love these books, if you didn't already know.

9.  Lastly some tunes to fall asleep to, or just lose yourself in
I hope you find something you'd like to add to your list.  Share with me what you can't live without, I'd love to hear.

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Delaney said...

These are all true!

Anonymous said...

Hi - Am a new Follower via Friday Blog hop - nice to meet you!

My blog is all about beachy stuff so I HAD to visit and join yours - love your photos and beachy must haves!!!

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!


Anonymous said...

a good book is key

i think the reason i want to live by the beach is so that when i go i don't have to go ALL day...i always feel like i have to squeeze the most out of it, and i kind of feel sunstrokey by the end of it. but if i lived near one i could just go for an hour or so each day!