Shower Caddie

If any of you go camping, and you need a shower caddie for your little one, here is a pretty cute and simple idea.  Of course any of us can go to the dollar store and pick up a shower caddie, everyone getting a different color. Or you can pick up a plain bucket for your kiddos, and decorate it to show their personality.  

I picked up an inexpensive bucket that D chose the color of.

Steve put holes in the bottom so that the water from the shower could drain out.
Be sure to be careful when drilling the holes so that you don't crack the bucket.

 I used my cricut machine and some vinyl to cut out the letters and shapes of the objects that D wanted.
Since we use ours at the beach, he chose ocean animals.

As you can see, it carries everything in it they'll need when they head over to the showers, it's the perfect size for the little ones' stuff. 

It was fun to make, and so cute to look at.  With each child helping to choose what they want, they are all one of a kind, just like each of them. 

Happy Crafting or should I say camping!

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Cami said...

Super cute!! You're so talented and creative :)

Happy Saturday!!

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life Life