The best laid plans of mice and men…

If you are reading this I have already dropped my wife off at the airport and my little boy is already in West Virginia with his nunny and pappy. I know what you are thinking, a whole week with no wife or kid, man his next blog is going to have pictures and yarns spun about his crazy adventures he went on while his wife and son are away. Sadly enough friends and neighbors this will not be the case. Or will it?

Fate has sent my wife and my assistant manager at the store I manage out of town. I am fortunate to have a job that I love and the ability to accrue overtime hours when need be. Hopefully I can venture out of the house before I get into my lonely funk; without my wife and little boy I am a pretty boring, near middle aged man. I come home eat a dinner that does not include all 5 of the food groups, pour myself a drink and watch entirely too much TV then go to sleep.

This vacation from my wife and kid, as long and lonesome as it may be, will not be spent dwelling in lonesomeness. I promise to go out and hike, wet wade the stream near our house, or do something fun. I have nearly every morning to do cool stuff. I will do cool stuff and I will have a good story and maybe even some pictures! I need to do something to keep my mind off just how miserable I would be if I didn’t have Jo or Sammy around. I will do it, and then I will share my awesome times with them when they return.

The outdoors is truly the perfect place! It is a place that can be best enjoyed with your friends and family, or it can be a place for quiet self reflection and peace. We must not forget this because we will all find our selves alone in one way or another. Let us praise mother nature; a great nurturing place that is made to be enjoyed, cherished and admired. The next time you find yourself lonely, or in a funk, or just out of sorts take the time to reflect on the beauty that is sometimes as close as our own back yard.

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