Chocolate/Hazelnut/Coffee LOVERS!

To all my lovely friends that love Chocolate/Hazelnut and coffee, here is the drink for you!  Real simple and it is sooooo yummy.

Chocolate-Hazelnut Coffee
10 oz favorite brewed coffee
1 shot chocolate liqueur
1 shot hazelnut liqueur

Pour coffee and 2 liqueurs in preheated wine glass.  Top with whipped cream and a dusting of cocoa powder, and ENJOY.

If you have a drink you would like to share, hop on over and link up. Have a wonderful Thursday, and come by tomorrow for an easy craft!



Chrissy said...

Yummy!!! Sounds delicious!!!

Vic said...

Yummmmmmmmm! love you woman! my kinda drink! we are having a storm----eeeek:)

Lenette Sparacino said...

That sounds so yummy!!!

SarahB said...

OH MAN!!! THIS IS GREAT! (as I drink my morning brew while I wrote this! LOL)

Im here from FLTOB!! CHEERS!

Marcy said...

Hi there! Love your site! I'm following from Thursday's Blog Hop! Would love a follow back at www.lifesgristle.blogspot.com!


Rachel said...

It's times like this I wish I liked coffee! :) That sounds good!

Have a great day!!

melody-mae said...

YUM! this sounds yummy! I popped over for a visit from FTLOB to say HI! :)

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

THAT sounds SO good!!! New follower here from your giveaway on FTLOB! :)

Mo 'Betta said...

yum, yum and yum!!

Ross said...

This sounds really good! Might just have to make one if I have the ingredients!! Have a great Weekend!

Andie said...

Now THAT is how I want to start my day!
Hopping in and a new follower. Will connect on FB and Twitter before hopping on as well :)