Sprig Soarin’ Sea Plane Review

I’d have to say we were pretty excited to receive Sprig’s Soarin’ Sea Plane.  

Since I fly, most of the toys we buy are aviation related so this was a natural fit.  A huge benefit to this toy is that it is Eco Friendly.  It is made out of Sprigwood which consists of reclaimed sawdust and recycled plastic.  Yes, the Soarin’ Sea Plane smells like wood and is actually quite pleasant.  The packaging that it came in is recyclable as well and was held in securely by a few rubber bands.  This was by far the easiest toy that I have ever removed from a box.  

Along with the Sea Plane came a Pelican and a little pilot with a helmet.  It weighs about 1 ½ pounds and is actually quite large measuring 10" x 7.8" x 7.5".
            Well shortly after coming out of the box, the Sea Plane was test flown by two little kamikaze boys.  The older one took the plane and flew it around the living room and even threw it as if it could actually fly.  The little one took the little pilot with his helmet and thought it was his new toothpick while he flew the pelican in the air.  Good thing this Soarin’ Sea Plane is made extremely well because it has had its share of crashes and is still in great shape.  The true test for us came that night at bath time.  Since it’s a “sea plane”, it was time to see if it could float.  Let’s set the scene.  Water filled the tub, boys entered the water and the Soarin’ Sea Plane was cleared to land.  I’d have to say it was a nice landing, pretty smooth (like mine), but that was it.  After stopping the Soarin’ Sea Plane took on water and sank to the bottom like the Titanic.  Now before you get all disappointed, read on.  The sinking was caused by rough water.  Take a guess who could have caused that issue.  The Soarin' Sea Plane will actually float if it is left in flat, calm waters.  When the boys get to splashing, the sea plane has two little holes on top of each pontoon which will take on water and cause the toy to flip and sink. 

            The Soarin’ Sea Plane has been a wonderful, indestructible toy (so far), that the boys love to play with.  Just visit www.sprigtoys.com for more information and also see many more options that they have.  They may also be found on  Facebook and Twitter.

Steve ✈


Christine said...

That is so cute! Hmmmm, I am thinking easter baskets!

Anonymous said...

great review! Thank you so much:)

Rachel said...

That is cute! I think my little nephews would like that! Thanks for reviewing!!


Alex said...

Hi there! :) Awesome blog! I am your newest follower from the blog hop :D I would love a follow back!


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