What's in my bag

My lovely friend Chrissy at chrissyinamerica 
Sent me this fun little ditty.  To show you all what's in my bag.  So here you go....
My bag for now.  I change them often, I like it to match what I'm wearing, plus I get bored
Coach Diaper Bag
(from the outlet, since it's always cheaper there)
 here's what's in it

 Tonka Mini Truck
Mini First Aid Kit, because I always need band aids!
Huggie Wipes, good for everything!
LUVS diapers
oral-gel, aquaphor and nail clippers
hand wipes
 Grooming kit(clippers, nail file, etc.
contact drops
sticky notes
5 pens- blue, 2 black, pink, fun blue(I love pens)
Peppermint twist hand sanitizer
Home genetics all purpose cleaner
Aveda Had Relief
Ultimate Gold bond healing lotion
Bath and Body White Citrus body lotion
Australian Gold Sunblock Lip Balm
Aveda Lip tint-Verbena
Roger's Honey All Natural Lip balm
Liplicious Mocha
Liplicious Candied Apple

Ravishing by Oakley
Oakley cleaner
Coach medicine holder
Extra Strawberry Shortcake gum
Mom's Planet Organizer
Coach Wallet
Sony Cybershot camera
Casio calculator

So there ya have it. What's sad is I fit the same stuff into all my bags! If you would like to do this, go for it!  I would love to see what you carry!  

Have a wonderful Humpday! 


Chrissy said...

Ooh, love your bag and what's in it!! Especially the little red truck!!! So cute! happy Wednesday!!

Jet-Setting Divas said...

Wow you have a lot in your bag! I have a whole pouch of lipgloss in mine! Who makes liplicious lipgloss?

Jacqueline Hooton said...

I was actually thinking just yesterday of doing a post like this! I saw several youtube videos of these, and I love seeing what other people carry. Your Coach bag is too cute. I'm amazed how much you can fit in it. :)

Yolanda @ Miss Refashionista said...

YOu would be ashamed if you see what's in my bag. It's one hot mess!!!

You're incredibly neat!

BTW I'm visiting from the blog hop. :)

Anonymous said...

First, love the glasses! Second I need to get my lipgloss popping....where did you get liplicious?

kPg said...

So that's the usual contents of a woman's bag, huh? Seems like make-up is a staple item, hehe. Have you ever wondered what's in a guy's bag? Well, it's about time that someone blogged about it. Check it out! Thanks. =)