For the Love of Blogs an amazing place!

Today I thought I would share with those of you that don't know about my beautiful friends over at For the Love of Blogs all the lovely that goes on over there.  I know that you've seen I always join their hops and they have one almost  everyday, which is AWESOME for those of you hop happy folks.  I'm a little addicted, it's like a sickness or something haha.  My favorite of course is Thirsty Thursday

Not that I'm a big drinker, but I love to share the drinks I love or like to make since I was a bartender years ago.  I also love to find new yummy ones!  If you are a hop fan, go check these out.
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Today you can meet some new Fab Friends 

I love that FTLOB, feels like a safe place.  It's not like other communities that I've joined and feel like an ant drowning in water.  FTLOB makes you feel welcome, they want you to participate in the Groups.  There are a few  Coffee Lovers

There is one for just about everyone.  There are not tons and tons and tons that you get 50 dumb emails everyday.  That is so annoying, but doesn't happen here.  They are people that love to chat about the same things you do.

There is a page for Crafters, which of course I love! A page for Etsy shop owners, a place to link your facebooktwitter, or blog lovin also.

If you love to shop handmade, or if you make handmade that you sell, you should check out their magazine We heart shops.  It's lovely!

I think they are amazing ladies trying to help all of us little bloggers, or even big bloggers.  They have a post everyday with a blog being featured, where they spotlight you and your blog so others get exposure to it. 

Joining the community, gives you a  place to link your blog so that while others are linking or looking for new blogs, you're there!  

They have wonderful blogging tips and great tutorials.  This is where I learned to make my button!

There is so much over there I could go on and on.  You should go check it out for yourselves.

I really can't say enough lovely things about these beautiful ladies.  They are easy to chat with and are always willing to help.  

I feel say and comfy when I'm visiting For the Love of Blogs.  It kind of feels like home. I really love 
They are not just beautiful on the outside, they are amazingly beautiful on the inside! 
Thank you ladies for all you do for all of us! 

Have a beautiful day friends and go check out FTLOB


thechattymommy said...

I will check it out- thanks for the recommendation.

Squashys Girl said...

i love them too. they are so inspiring!

TexaGermaNadian said...

They really are great! Good feature :)

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Great feature! I LOVE FTLOB!!! :) That's where I found you!

Ashley said...

You are the BEST Bobbi! We are really lucky to have you as part of our community and helping us out. Seriously, you are so great and sweet. I hope you are having a great weekend!