A bicycle built for two...

I enjoy being outdoors.  I love to run outside when I can, and we love to ride bikes.  One great thing we have near us is a trail that goes on for miles and miles.  I run three miles, four days a week, so I would say that I'm in pretty good condition, not great because there is always room for improvement, but you know. Anywho, we went for a bike ride and to tell you the truth, it makes me feel like I'm not in good shape at all!  I am sore in places I've forgotten about.   I forgot how many different muscles you use between running and bike riding, it is unbelievable.  I mean seriously, I would probably have bangin legs, if I could stand to do both everyday, or every other day, but I hate working walking through the pain.  I can now see why triathlon athletes are fit!  The amount of total body work you have to do to swim, bike and run, is amazing. I am so impressed with anyone that trains for events like triathlons, the amount of pain you are in from head to toe for weeks just getting into some sort of shape is unreal.

I would love to do more bike riding, but I seriously hate the pain.  What makes it more challenging is pulling an extra 70 pounds behind me.  Yeah, I have to pull one of those little trailers with both boys in it down the trail.  If it was completely flat, it wouldn't be so bad, or if Steve pulled them, that would be cool, but for me to do it myself.  UGH! I have to say, it's not Steve's fault,  I usually take the boys when he's at work, so in his defense, he's not here, I know he would pull them if he were.  I love to be out, I love to take the boys places, but I am ready for the oldest to ride his bike on his own without complaining he's tired, so that I don't have to pull his heavy little booty anymore, or have a bicycle built for 3 or 4 so that I could get a little help.

I hope you all are having a great week, enjoying the weather while it lasts.  I know in Ohio we are supposed to get snow AGAIN, it just makes me want to scream, pack up the house, and move south.  I really am a southern girl.  :)

Have a Happy Humpday lovelies!


lindsey said...

We are pretty lame around here. No bikes :( But this summer I really want to get some so we can take family bike rides!
Keep up the riding...hopefully it gets easier the more you do it :)

TriGirl said...

I am always amazed by people who push their children in jogging strollers or lug bike trailers behind them! I agree that as fit as you feel with a sport, the second you switch to another you feel completely out of shape! But if you can bike with all that extra weight, you must be pretty darn strong!!

Mama "B" said...

You never cease to amaze me girl!!!!!
Love you!

Vanessa said...

That has to be tough pulling one of those trailers..a good workout for sure!

melody-mae said...

I love riding bikes but, of course I am only packing myself around...LOL I cannot imagine packing one of those trailers around! Holy cow girl!!!! My hubs and I bought bikes for our 30 anniversary for each other and starting going for rides on the weekends togethers...can you say; "AWWWWW" hehe...anyway, loved this post!!