Snow, snow, go away!

So, I am sitting here watching Scar Face for the billionth time, what a prelude to manday. The only thing bad about watching this movie toward the end of the bleak barren mid-west winter is that it is set in the middle of Miami. I am so ready for spring, when Mandays can be fully utilized for outdoor adventures and sessions of good old fashioned recoil therapy.
I have been catching myself drifting off into beautiful daydreams for the majority of my waking hours lately. It’s painful to come to the realization that it is still far from comfortable outside. I would love to be able to enjoy the outdoors with out the aid of my Columbia jacket’s Omni-heat liner. My days of daydreaming are getting counted down rapidly. Spring seems so close yet oh so far away.
Here is my list of daydreams that have been getting me through this long drawn out winter:
I can’t wait to see the sun coming up over the ridge where I turkey hunt, the first tulips budding in my flower beds, or the long dormant grass finally turning green.
It has been much to long since I have heard the sounds of songbirds, turkeys gobbling, or my son’s full blown outside voice.
Spring just isn’t spring with out a mint julep, or the seasons fresh fruit, and something cooked on the grill.
If my fingers do not touch a wet fishing line, slimy fish, or wiggly worm soon, I am certain that I will go nuts.
The smells are what I dream of most… mostly because it has been so long since my sniffer has smelled worth a darn. I catch myself thinking about how things smell the most. My grill has been so neglected this winter that I long to think that I smell the hickory smoke that bellows from its chimney. I love to smell the first cutting of my yard, although the joy is short lived because by summer I loathe push mowing my yard.
Hopefully you all have endured your own winter imprisonment, let me know what has been getting you by these long months, and rest assured that the warm, beautiful days of spring will soon be here.


lindsey said...

I will have to tell my husband about Manday. Its a great idea :)

Cant wait for spring in Oregon either. Its always so beautiful!

Chrissy said...

Great post! Love it and feel the same about most of it (not really sure I want to grab a slimy fish...hahaha), but I tagged you with a fun challenge! Come and find out! Happy Monday! xxx

Rachel said...

I love spring as well and can't wait for it! Luckily in Texas we don't have as much winter as other parts, but still, I'm ready to be able to wear capris, flip flops and tank tops every day! :)

Here's to a warm front for y'all!!