Blog Makeover

For those of you that have been around my blog for a while, you will have noticed  the new makeover.  It's pretty cute, isn't it?  I would like to thank Emma over at indiechickblogdesign.  She contacted me asking if I would like a makeover, and of course, I was dying to get one!  It was a really simple process, but it did take a little while, though all good things take time.  She uses digital scrap designs to make her layouts, so she gave me the links to find the one that I wanted.  There were pages and pages of options.  Of course, my first option had been taken just recently by another blogger, so I went with my second choice.  You fill out a little form, tell her the things you like, and when she is finished, voila, your cute little blog design.
Emma really is great! I am picky!  She went back in when she was finished and fixed the font, because it wasn't quite what I imagined.  Since Barry and Steve are authors on the page, she couldn't do a signature for me since it would have shown up on all the pages.   I am very happy about my new, cute design, especially since it has my pinks, blues, flip-flops and sunshine, all things that remind me of summer.   If you are looking for a makeover, go check out Emma and her work here.

Thanks again Emma!

♥ BJ

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posidanielle said...

I love your look love! Its beautiful! And fun!