Mom Caves

            Are you kidding me?  The first time I heard this term was about 2 weeks ago.  Mom caves are the new thing.  Funny thing is, the whole house is a mom cave.  Man caves seem to be slowly disappearing and come to think of it, mine is gone as well.  Now when I say the whole house is a mom cave, I mean more often than not, a mom designs and decorates the house.  She picks out paint colors and furniture and dad nods his head in approval.  How many guys have a floral print or some kind of paisley bed comforter?  This guy does and why?  Because, I want my wife to be happy.  If a man decorated a house, it would be dark and cold…..kind of like a MAN CAVE.  It’s one room where we want to put all of our hunting stuff and NASCAR items on display.  Usually the basement works perfectly for this.  I have been told the garage and shed are mine.  Great, an un-heated, un-air conditioned place where I store gas and fertilizers.  I’m sure I’d smell great sitting down for dinner.  When my basement was taken over by my son’s ridiculous amount of toys, I moved all my items into a 10’x10’ bedroom.  Cozy.  Well #2 came along and all of a sudden my items ended up in our crawl space.  Man cave gone.

Well, now there is a mom cave.  How did that happen?  I must have been sleeping.  The den has been taken over by a scrapbook table and crafting items.  There’s a nice couch to cozy up on and read a book as well.  I guess I never thought about it, but mom deserves a place as well. 

            Recently my wife and two sons tried to clear a place in the basement by moving the treadmill and shoveling the toys out of the way.  They cleared a nice 5’x8’ spot for me.  But, It’s just not the same trying to watch a race with a Tickle me Elmo staring at you.  I truly appreciate their efforts but it looks like it will be years before I can claim a cave again.  Until then I will proudly claim the garage and shed and all the aromas that come with them. 
            Just remember, if you are out to dinner and sit next to a guy that smells like gas, be sure to say hello, it’s probably me.

Steve ✈


TexaGermaNadian said...

Do you have to be a mom to have a mom cave?!?! I want one, looks so nice and neat and peaceful! Have fun hiding in the shed, haha

Chrissy said...

Love this...hahaha...awesome! Happy Monday!!

Anonymous said...

I guess my mom cave would have a huge stereo, and a PC to surf with!! LOL

Marcy said...

Love a mom cave...mine would actually probably be more like a man cave...an in-home theater with pear cider on tap, and a never-ending supply of sno-caps.

Posh said...

Great post!
I'm stopping by from the Monday hop to say hello and follow.
Have a great day!

Jansen Family said...

Lol...when I first read the title I thought, "Mom Gives In...I wonder who won?" Fun post! Our den is kind of a gender-neutral cave with a computer (doubles as a TV), treadmill, and couches. My husbands tools and (ahem) manly stuff is in the garage. ;)

Rachel said...

See, I'm an abnormal girl because when I get married I want all my sports memorabilia to be in a "sports" room (like a room in the house, not garage). I also want a big screen TV and surround sound system. But I'm just weird like that!!


Mama "B" said...

GREAT BLOG!!!!! I really enjoyed this one. I would offer a space at my place for a man cave for you, but as you already know there is none. Space that is. LOL

I think I would like Marcy's mom cave, sounds like a fun one.

doreen said...

You must start working on that garage right away!
Everybody needs their own space...
I am a new visitor and follower via I love my online Friends...I know it is Wednesday; what can I say I'm slow:)