These are a few of my favorite "yummy" things!!

We all have favorite foods or condiments that we love to use.  The problem for us is that the items we love to use are not available in central Ohio.  Being that I am from New Jersey and have lived in many states and I have flown around the country, here are a few items that have become my favorite and will not be substituted by anything else.

Let's start out on the east coast.  Living in New Jersey and being so close to Coney island and New York, Nathan's mustard has become my favorite.  I really like the spicy brown the best.  When we go to New Jersey on our annual trip to visit the family, we always have to go to ShopRite and buy 6 to 10 bottles of this mustard.  Hopefully it lasts a year.

Staying on the east coast and just looking south a few hundred miles, our annual trip to Myrtle Beach contains a shopping list of items that must return to Ohio.  First item that we need to buy is Blue Plate Mayonnaise.  Not sure what it is, but there's something that just makes it taste better and different from Hellman's.  The store shelf usually is stocked with 5 or 6 jars which find there way into my shopping cart.

On one visit to Myrtle Beach, we stopped by our cousins house in Salisbury, NC.  When driving with him he asked if I wanted a Cheerwine.  I said I had no idea what he was talking about.  Well we stopped and got one and I was hooked.  It has become our favorite soda.  Now when we travel to SC, we always have to get a couple of twelve packs for the house.  Seeing our cousin over Thanksgiving was great and a bonus was he brought us 2 - 12 packs.  Its hard not to drink them all but we are trying to conserve some.  Try one if you get a chance.

The last thing I will talk about is another item that is not easy to access for us.  It resides in Memphis Tennessee.  For 2 years we lived right across the border from Memphis in Southaven, MS.  Living by Memphis one has to try there famous BBQ.  By doing this we have come to love Corky's BBQ sauce.  Its not like we just buy 1 or 2 jars.  We buy 4 - 5 gallons.  Yes I said gallons.  I love using this stuff on almost anything I grill, plus our boys use it to dip just about anything including grapes.  It has a sweet flavor with just a very little bite in it.  When flying into Memphis, I would have some old friends drop it off for me, now that I don't travel there anymore, I just make a call and have them ship me up a couple of gallons at a time.  As you can see, this gallon is on its way to empty.

All this talk has me thinking I better go check my stock on these items.  If I'm low, it's time to make some calls.
If you live somewhere were there are products that are only available in your area, please let me know so I can try them.  You never know but I may end up with a few new favorites.

Happy Holidays everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Did you forget the krimpets??

Anonymous said...

Cheerwine and Sundrop are my favorite things! A habit I picked up while in school in Charlotte NC