Just One of Those Days

Do you ever feel as though there are days when nothing goes right? 
Today is just one of those dreary, rainy days here where it seems as though nothing goes right.  You try your best to keep the house clean, only to be terrorized by your kids when they get home from school. 
Now its 45 degrees out, raining, the house is somewhat of a mess, the washing machine keeps cutting out mid cycle, Christmas shopping isn’t finished and now it’s time to go to work.
Work.  Of boy, talk about another ball of stress.  My company was bought by an investment group who seems to slowly be liquidating the company.  Every day something goes on with “restructuring”.  Just a nice way to say your fired I guess.  I still have to go in with a smile on my face and do my job.  Let's hope I can survive through the Holidays.
Not much to say today for Man day Monday, so I’m sorry about that.  It’s just one of those days, plus I’m hungry plus it's time to go to work.
I wish you all have a great day though!!


Vic said...

I like these man day posts; you're human--u can rant about these days! hope you're days are brighter and a job here in ft. laud awaits;) please come just a wee bit closer my friends....fingers crossed...hey u can even leave the boys with us some weekends (what a way to get ya motivated) xo

Nancy said...

Hope today goes better for you! Newfollwer from hop.