Mint Julep with a twist!

Today I am joined by a very special co-contributor; my lovely wife Jo. I was prepping the dinning room table for my picture of my new whiskey rocks, more on those later, when I was persuaded to help with a wonderful treat that my wife found the recipe for. Jingle Bam! The two elements went together like peas and carrots and this post was born.
Mint Julep phase one.

I was recently the lucky recipient of a set of 9 Whiskey rocks from Teroforma. If you have ever wondered where the expression "on the rocks" came from I am going to guess that these wonderful one inch cubes of soapstone are not far from its origin. As the name clearly points out these are Whiskey rocks, plain and simple rock cubes that stay cold long after you remove them from the freezer. You may ask what good are a bunch of rocks in my freezer when I have ice. Ice is the ruination of fine bourbon, it dilutes the complex flavors that the master distillers have spent their lives perfecting. Who are we to go screwing up a mans lifetime of work. The idea is simple, put the rocks in the freezer, put three rocks in your tumbler, and cover the rocks with your favorite libation and the magic happens. The lucky recipient enjoys his first glass of bourbon as it was intended to be drank and you get the joy of telling your friends you have his stones in a bag in your freezer. For $20 the man who has everything gets a unique gift idea that he will thank you for every time he takes an unspoiled sip of his favorite Kentucky bourbon. These rocks neither absorb or impart any taste or odor; soapstones are non-pourous. All that you have to do is rinse them off and let them air dry before putting them back into the freezer.
Mint Julep phase two.

Hello everybody! I am Jo and my husband has asked me to break the sacred Manday manliness. We make wonderful things out of happy accidents and this is one of the best. He was so happy with the results of this one he had to share it with his followers. He is a hillbilly at heart and likes his bourbon, but mint juleps are his favorite on a hot summer afternoon. Now he can have a touch of those summer evenings in the winter. I was making the most wonderful peppermint bark when he was taking pictures of his new whiskey rocks and after he was done being a shutterbug, he poured himself a dram of Wild Turkey and took a taste of my peppermint bark. It was like he fell in love with me all over again! The recipe is super easy, and when you think about how much designer peppermint bark costs, it is cheap. Here is a link to the recipe. As you can see from the picture that it makes a lovely display and a great gift too. He wanted me to share this with you and I hope that you enjoy it. One little tip; if you don't have space in the freezer the hood of your husbands jeep that is parked in the uninsulated garage will work just as well if it is freezing cold. LOL I love you baby.
It was such a great combo, you guys need to try it! Sip the whiskey, bite the bark and relax. It will keep you warm on these chilly nights. Remember the most wonderful things are created from love, so no matter how crazy life gets this holiday season, this is a time for spreading joy and happiness. If you are looking for gift ideas that cover both of those bases grab some whiskey rocks and cook up some peppermint bark, give them away and watch the joy. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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