Christmas Card Garland

If you are like me, you don't have anywhere to put your Christmas cards.  I have taped mine up on the wall for years.  I decided this year, I was going to come up with something a little more creative.  I call it Christmas Card Garland.

What you'll need:
1 roll of ribbon.  (Dollar store ribbon works well)
Clothes pins (also can be bought at the dollar store)
Jolee's Dimensional stickers
dowel rod

1.  Put your clothes pins on the dowel rod, use however many you think you'll need for your cards

2.  Paint the outside of the clothes pins, let dry
3.  Remove clothes pins from rod, and paint the inside
4.  Let dry
5.  Place your Jolee's 3-D embellishment on the top of clothes pins

6.  Hang your ribbon where ever you have a spot
7.  Hang your Christmas Cards for all to see.
It almost completes the mantel,  all I need is our stockings!

Love, BJ


Angel said...

That is so funny! I have, every year, taped mine to the wall also. This year I came across a Christmas card garland online and loved the idea.. I too am doing this for the first time. The one I spotted online didn't use clothes pins though, they just let the cards set on the string. :)

Lil Mys Ninja said...

This is a great idea!!!