Spring/Easter Centerpiece

Good morning lovelies!  I hope you all are having a beautiful week, or are getting ready to have one with beautiful weather hopefully taking over the country, or your country.

I decided to share with you a little project that I made for my table.  I don't have any centerpieces for my dinner table, but love them. I found my items at the dollar store, of course, hobby lobby and Walmart.  Total cost was $7.00

Here's what you'll need
Candle holder
plate with sides (dollar store)
moss (dollar store)
small flowers
Plastic Easter eggs (optional)

It's as simple as just putting it all together to your liking.  Here is my finished project.
Easy, breezy, and I think it's beautiful.  I would love to see yours!

Have a Happy Humpday!


Amy Watson said...

Very cute! I love candles too!

KY said...

Those are so flipping cute! In my personal opinion, simplistic centerpieces are always the way to go - they make such a statement! Brave I love it :)

b. lee said...

very creative * *

Chrissy said...

Oh, that is so cute! And it reminds me, I should get started on my Easter decoration...haven't done a thing...haha...oops!
Happy Wednesday!

Michelle said...

That's so pretty, and you're right, simple enough when it's right there! Thanks for sharing it! I'm following from the Welcome Wednesday. Come visit me back!

Michelle @ Things Sent My Way

Ashley said...

You are so creative Bobbi, I love these!