A Manday Dilemma

Hello Manday followers! I am faced with a gigantic Manday Dilemma. I love the outdoors and everything that goes with it; even as I am writing this post I am very sad to say that there will be no outdoor Manday adventures today. My love for the outdoors is surpassed only by my allergies; I am allergic to everything in the outdoors and I have been for quite some time. It hasn't been until recently that I have had to actually listen to my Doctors and rest and relax to get rid of my sinus infections and subsequent ear infections.
I have been told there is a remedy though. My ear nose and throat Dr. has suggested that we go inside my noggin and roto-root everything out that is blocking my airways in my nose. I have agreed to have surgery for my sinuses, septum, turbinate and have tubes put in my ears. He tells me that after 10 or 12 of the most miserable days in my life I will be right as rain.
Anything has to be better than getting monthly sinus infections that do frequently turn into my dreaded ear infections. The Dr. says that since my sinuses do not drain that the fluids move into the passages in my ears and cause the "ice picks in my eardrums" feeling. I think that I can deal with a week or two of miserableness.
I am very anxious about the whole procedure, and I am calling out to our readers to tell me their stories, either good or bad about their experiences with this kind of procedure. I would love to know if it helped any of you guys or your loved ones out. I must point out that I do not have pollips inside my passage ways, they are merely obstructed by a deviated septum and overly large turbinates. Thank you for reading.

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Rachel said...

Oh dear! I hope you feel better soon! I've been dealing with allergies the past few weeks. I have to go in for my "spring allergy" shot this week.

I had to get tubes in my ear when I was a baby, so I don't remember much about it.

I'll keep you in my prayers that all goes well!!