Paper Mache Egg

To this day I remember all the crafts that my nunny used to make.  Some are more memorable than others because they had more meaning to me.  She was such a crafty lady!  I really don't know how she came up with her crafts, especially without the Internet. haha  She could do everything!
When coming up with Easter crafts to share, there was one that stuck out in my mind.  My only problem was, figuring out how she did it.  She has been gone for 8 years now, and she didn't teach us all her little tricks, which makes creating her things a little more difficult.  I asked my aunt, and my mom to see if they had an idea, and mom thankfully sent me in the right direction.  My nunny made beautiful, I'm guess paper mache eggs.  Since I couldn't ask her for sure, I decided to give it a try.

What you'll need:
1 bottle Sta-flo
2-3 rolls of yarn (color of your choice, pink for girl, blue for boy, pastel, whatever you like)
1 huge balloon
2 bags Easter grass

Step 1-  lay newspaper down ( I didn't do this, and made a huge mess!)
Step 2-  follow directions on bottle of Sta-flo for the paper mache, 1 cup starch to 1/2 cup flour.  I used 4 cups of starch for my yarn
Step 3-  blow up balloon
Step 4- Start by dipping the yarn in the starch mixture and wrap the balloon in all different directions

Step 5-  When it looks really covered, hang it up to dry.
Step 6- When it is dry, pop the balloon.
Step 7-  Cut a hole to place an opening to add your grass

Step 8- Try to clean the flakes off the egg.  I used a wire brush from the inside, it was easier than trying to do it from the outside
Step 9- Add your Easter grass and Enjoy

It makes a cute decoration or it could be used for a unique Easter basket.  It is pretty solid with the amount of starch you use.  My nunnies lasted for as long as I can remember.  One day I'm going to teach the kids how to make them so that they each have one of their own.

Have a Happy Humpday my friends!


TexaGermaNadian said...

I always loved doing this around Easter :) Too cute, and yours turned out great!

Lindsey said...

How cool! I just made my kids some Easter baskets and it really got me in the mood to make some more holiday decorations and crafts. Yeah! This looks fun to do.
Happy Wednesday!