Hanging Easter Eggs

When we moved, we started an Easter tradition of hanging plastic eggs on a tree.  Its not much but you always need to find a way to spend time with the family.  No one is ever to busy enough not to make time for the family. It is very simple to do.  Only a few simple steps and your done.

1.  All you have to do is get some plastic eggs that have a little hole in the top (How many is your choice).

2.  Cut approximately a 6" piece of wire and push through hole.  Make a small bend on the end inside the egg so it does not slide out.  Bend the top piece over kinda like a hook on a Christmas ornament.
Note:  we used to use a piece of string and tie them to the tree, but you have to cut the rope ever year.  Using wire will last forever.

3.  Find a tree.

4.  Start hanging eggs.

Once you are finished, you can step back and enjoy.  The tree we picked was in the front corner of the yard and the bottom branches are at least 6' off the ground.  In the next week when the tree begins to flower, it looks beautiful.
Note:  You can see how high and where little D can reach (only two little branches 4" long stuck out).

This all may take only 15 or 20 minutes to do, but it great to spend time with the family.  We have fun doing it and taking pictures of the boys.  We have pictures of little D in the same backpack I am wearing from 2007 hanging the same eggs on the same tree.  I hope you all enjoy and try to make some traditions of your own with your children or grand-children.

If it happens to be windy the day you decide to do this,  I recommend wearing a hat or your hair could end up like this.............

I think Donald Trump would be jealous!!

Steve ✈


Chrissy said...

How fun!!! I love hanging easter eggs!!!
Have a wonderful week!
Hugs xxx

Amy Watson said...

Love the wind blown hair!

TV's Take said...

That's a great idea! Thanks for sharing. Now following you from the Monday blog hop.

Anonymous said...

Sam and I did the same thing yesterday!!! We used dental floss!

Jo :)