Eating Habits

Have you ever noticed that your eating habits change depending on where you are?  If not, lucky you!  I've noticed depending on where I am, the amount of food I eat, or don't eat.

For example, when I'm at my own house, I have my set schedule, the food I buy, usually healthy and the menu that I'm used to.  When I come to my mom's or my aunt's houses, I feel like I gain 10 pounds!  They have all the foods I used to love and then some.  When I'm in West Virginia, I have all of my favorite foods.  My amazing steak hoagies, Italian bread, Giovanni's, Italian olives, unbelievable cookies, cakes and cupcakes and hot dogs with hot dog chili and slaw.  Are you thinking how is it any different than Ohio?  Well, I can't get any of this stuff there.  There are no Italian bakeries, there are no homegrown bakeries that make amazing  pastries, or cakes, I haven't found any good olives, etc.  I guess on one hand that's good, but on the other hand, it sucks!  If I had all this in Ohio, when I came to WV, I wouldn't eat so much.

When I go to the beach, it seems like I'm not hungry.  I could eat small snacks all day, and be fine.  The only time I want full meals is when I get my seafood dinner, crab legs, crab legs, and more crab legs.  I'm sure it has to do with hanging out in the sun all day, but don't know for sure.  When I'm outside at home, I'm not as hungry, but I'm still hungry.  Maybe it has to do with being in a bathing suit all day.  Being in a bathing suit makes you a little more aware of what you look like, right?  Heck, maybe I should force myself to put a bathing suit on more often so that I keep myself in check.

Whatever the case may be, I wish I had the willpower to stay consistent no matter where I am.  Maybe I should wish my family didn't tempt me with all the things I love, but I'm glad they do.  I love those foods, and like Jillian and Bob have said, don't deprive yourself from the things you love, just eat them in moderation.

I hope you all have a Royal Day ;)


Natalia Lynn said...

I love your blog! I totally know what you mean too. I live in france and i always loose weight when i com here. Then when i go home to all the yummy american food that i love so much, i most certainly put it all back on! I gotta find a way to even this out q bit more! Oh and i found ya from the love of blogs!

Jaimie said...

I know I have the horrible habit of eating whenever & whatever my hubby is because its easy.. its horrid... lol New follower from #FabFriendsFriday over at FTLOB :)

Nikki said...

I can relate! I eat so much better at work and eat horrible at home! Love the blog! New follower!

Posh said...

Stopping by from the Hops to say hello and follow. Have a great weekend!

Rikki said...

Following from the hop! And passing on the versatile blogger award to you!


Amy said...

I totally agree! This happens to me too, mostly because my mother bakes like a maniac and my dad is a fabulous cook, so I feel like I always gain when we visit them. And when we travel to a new city, we love to eat out and try new foods and tend to eat more. When I'm home I hardly eat anything by comparison!

I'm a new follower from the blog hop! - Amy


Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas said...

I find that away from my house, esp. on vacation - I tend to eat way more than usual.

At home - I can not care about eating all day then at night - the munchies set in, not good!

Seems we have our lil set schedules - both the good and bad!