What ever happened to Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays everybody! I hope that everybody had a great Thanksgiving holiday. I sure did. It was spent with my family, the food was great and I even had the opportunity to harvest a deer. How does it get any better than that. More often than not after Thanksgiving, people who do not have much sense seem to set out from their homes to add some darkness to an already black Friday.
It only takes a minute to realize how dangerous bargain hunting can be. It seems like there are more bargain hunting accidents than animal hunting accidents these days; and its sad. In a L.A. Walmart, one woman decided to mace a crowd of people waiting for their X-Box. Folks I've been maced, and it sucks, this lady was lucky however she strolled right up and purchased her item and walked leisurely out of the store. Only later to realize that Walmart has eyes in the sky and soon she was being hunted herself as video was pumped out on the TV stations. She later turned herself in. At least she has her X-Box to trade for her crack rock when she gets out.
That story was Los Angeles. Growing up in West Virginia I still like to think that stupid people like this have been quarantined in larger metropolitan areas. You could only imagine the horror I experienced when I read about all of the West Virginian's that stepped over a 61 year old pharmacist as he died in a local Target. However a group of nurses did witness what happened and rushed to his side to perform CPR until the EMT's arrived.
I am glad that my industry is sheltered from ridiculous scenes like this. I have recently endured another black Friday weekend from behind the gun counter. I must applaud my customers; they were no less patient than any other day of the week at a place where you must pull a ticket and wait to be served. Maybe it is because our customers belive that they would get shot if they acted stupid. I have another idea though, it's probably true but my customers have grown up in the rural big city of Columbus and are decent people who work hard for what they have and would most likely help you out if they had to. If the lady with the pepper spray would have pulled a stunt like that she may not have enjoyed this Christmas at all.
Be safe, act decent, and Merry Christmas.


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