Thanksgiving coloring placemat

Here's a pretty simple idea for your little one to entertain him while sitting at the Thanksgiving table.  All you need is your computer, some paper, printer and crayons.

Draw a Pilgrim and Indian, to the best of your ability
Scan it with your printer
Use your word or pages and type: I am thankful, you can even put your child's name and the year.
If it doesn't get too dirty, you could even laminate it and save it for years to come.
Here is how mine turned out
Da Freakout can color it tomorrow, and write what he is thankful for, or draw it.
Simple, and fun!  I hope everyone is having an amazing day, and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!
Love, BJ

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Angel said...

That's cute! I might have to try that with my kiddos... I'm following you now, found you through Welcome Wednesday blog hop! :)