Deep Fried Turkey

Yes it is that time of year where the holidays come fast and furious and we need to start preparing for Thanksgiving.  At this point Thanksgiving is only 2 1/2 weeks away.  We need to get out and start getting some of our supplies and foods we will need for our Thanksgiving feast.  Last year we waited and found ourselves running around trying to find some of the classics everyone uses.  The biggest and best thing to start looking for is a Turkey.  You have to decide how many will be attending your dinner and what size Turkey to get.  Better yet, how will you prepare that Turkey.  Getting up at 3 am to start cooking the Turkey is not for me or anyone in my house.  The best way to cook one is to Deep Fry it.  Average cooking time is anywhere from 2 1/2 to 3 minutes per pound depending on the size of the Turkey.  So a 20 lb Turkey will cook in 1 hour.  You only need 3 things to do this.  The first is a deep fryer.  The prices have come down and one could be had for around $30.  The second thing you need is some Peanut oil.  Now be careful if someone has a peanut allergy but this is the best oil to use as it will not burn the Turkey (if you watch the temperature).  The last thing is the Turkey.  Make sure the Turkey is totally defrosted before putting it in the oil.  Many fires began where people put a frozen turkey into the hot oil.
To prepare the Turkey, there are many options.  We like to inject ours with some kind of Cajun seasoning.  These are found at every store and come with a needle for injecting.
To get started, set up your fryer away from the house.
Fill the pot with peanut oil about 1/3 of the way.  Another way to make sure you have the correct amount of oil is to put the Turkey (in the bag) in the pot and fill with water.  Take the Turkey out and notice where the water level is.  Empty the water, dry the pot and fill with oil to the level you observed prior with the water.
Start the flame and slowly bring the temperature up to 300 to 325 degrees.  When the temp reaches 325 degrees slowly lower the Turkey into the oil.  The temperature will fall but monitor it to ensure it returns to 325 degrees.
Start your timer when the Turkey is submerged and enjoy an adult beverage or two.
When the time is up, turn off the flame and remove the Turkey.  At this point it should be a beautiful golden brown.  Carve and enjoy!!
This is the most moist and flavorful way to cook a Turkey that I have ever found.  As the Turkey is submerged, the oil seals off the skin and allows the juices to stay inside and cook the Turkey. 
Whatever way you choice, I hope you get the chance to try some Deep Fried Turkey.  You will never go back to putting one in the oven.


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