Dried Beef Dip

Are you needing a yummy appetizer recipe for Thanksgiving?  Here is a delicious cheese ball that you are sure to enjoy!

What you'll need:

1 large cream cheese, softened
2 Tbsp. milk
1 small jar dried beef
1/2 tsp garlic salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup chopped pecans
2 Tbsp.  butter
1/2 tsp salt

Mix cream cheese and milk until well blended.  Add dried beef, onion flakes, seasonings; mix well.  Fold in sour cream.  Spread mixture into bottom of small pie plate.  Saute pecans in butter while sprinkling salt over them.  Drop pecans over ream cheese mixture and bake at 350 degrees fro about 20 minutes.  Serve hot with favorite crackers and enjoy!

Love, BJ


Ajax said...

I'm loving all of the thanksgiving recipes on people's blogs lately! I can't wait to start cooking.

(Stopping by from FTLOB)

Trish said...

Okay, educate me, where do you find dried beef in the store? I've never used it before so I'm clueless :)