Last Minute Halloween Sign Craft

Halloween is almost upon us and hopefully all of your decorations are out.  If not and you're looking for a quick, last minute idea, here is one for you.
Its a sign you can design anyway you want.  I will give you the basic layout plans, you do the rest.

Materials you will need:
2 pieces scrap plywood approx 5" x 18" (size is your choice though)
1 pole/post (I used a 1"x1" post from a deck rail)
4 screws

Start out by cutting the plywood to any size you want.  This is the sign portion.

Next, use two screws per board and attach to post.

You can put the boards straight or on an angle.  I decided on angling
them for the "spooky" look.

Use a flat black or whatever you have laying around and paint
everything black.

Finally, write something scary on the front.  Since we have three
little monsters, this fit perfectly.

Now we have a sign we can use year after year that will last.  Remember be creative and have fun with your own creation.



Momma Can said...

Very cool. New follower from the hop.

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Ooh! I like that! One of those would've cost a lot to buy! Very festive!