Featured Post- The Letter 4 Sisters

A huge thank you to Dats So Cute for letting us take over her blog while she is busy with her new little one! :)
We are The Letter 4 sisters!
We are 4 sisters with a love for...well anything and everything that inspires us. All of us have different tastes and talents. Some things we have in common are: a lack of an "inside voice", an ability to be easily entertained (we laugh at EVERYTHING), and an insane talent of being able to hold an entire conversation using only movie quotes.

It's getting to be that time of year again. Where you want to think of the perfect gift for all your loved ones so I thought I would share with you one of my favorite posts from our blog

The Best Daddy Ever Beans!

The flavors are traits of daddy (strong, brave, unique). So cute right? My sister is a genius.
We give you the printables and tutorial on how to make it!
We also have tons of free printables, recipes, photography ideas, really there is something for EVERYONE in our blog!


Thank you so much again Bobbi! So happy you let us guest post in order to enjoy your new little one!


The Letter 4 Sisters


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