Halloween Treats

I found all kinds of cool treats to make for your Halloween party or just for the fun of it.

Of course there is Barry's creation that he shared yesterday.  Zombie Brains

Check out this Chocolate Pumpkin Cake, it looks sooooo yummy!  I found it here

How about some Frankenstein Smores Pops?  Cute, right?!  You can find them here

Gotta Love Martha Stewart, and all of her great ideas, check them out! There are tons of really cute and yummy recipes!

I'm going to try out some of the cute recipes over at familyfun.  I love this website, it always has really cute and fun ideas.

If you have anymore great Halloween ideas/treats, leave them in a comment for myself and others to check out!  Have a Tasty Tuesday all!  You can also head over to Tasty Tuesday at FTLOB

Love, BJ

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Rachel said...

I'm addicted to cute halloween treats ~ thanks for sharing!