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Hello blog followers. Today is Manday, and we have some manly bushcraft items that would make some great stocking stuffers. This will be the first in a series bushcraft items that I will be detailing in my blog. Todays not is very simple; it merely takes some patience and nimble fingers. This knot is a celtic button knot that can be tied as a key fob, or zipper pulls.
You will need about a foot and a half of para cord or hemp rope. Start with a Lark's Head Knot. This is done by doubling your length of cord and putting the loop through the ring of your keys; pull the tag ends of your cord through the loop and pull tight.

Then make two loops with your cord; make sure that you keep your two lenghts of cord flat.

With your tag ends from the second loop, create a third loop then thread the tag ends through your loops you have just made making sure that you go over then under as illustrated in the following photo.

Now, take your tag ends, create your fouth loop. The tag ends go over the third loop and under your first loop. This finishes your knot. However your job is only half done.

From this point you will need to tighten your knot evenly from both ends. Once it tightens up and begins to create your button you can then decide how long you would like your fob to be. This is done by pulling the cords attached to your keys through the entire knot tightening up as you go. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN YOUR KNOT. Once you have your fob at your desired lenght you can then cut your paracord and burn the frayed ends to seal up your button!

If you double the length you can make a second button. Once you find the length that is acceptable you can cut the tag end and then you have zipper pulls that makes zipping up a coat with the gloves on way easier.

Be patient, getting the hang of this takes time. Stick with it and you will have something that you cannot buy off the rack. Keep following to see some other great stuff that you can make and use.


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