simple water drinking tip

Here's just a quick water tip that I learned when losing weight the first time I successfully did it.

Take your weight, divide it by 2 and that is the amount of water in ounces you should drink in a day.

Example: if you weight 180 pounds

180\2= 90 ounces

150\2= 75 ounces

Get the drift?  Simple right?!

I took my favorite cup, poured water in it, dumped it in a measuring cup to see how much it held.
Since it holds 2 cups of water(16 ounces), I know how many times I have to fill it to get enough water, in ounces for the day.

There are days it's easy for me to get all my water in, and there are days I struggle.  I just have to remember that it's good for me, and will help me to lose the weight.

Like Bob Harper said: "Don't drink your Calories"  Why waste your calories on soda?  Unless it's a treat, stay strong, and drink your water.

Good Luck!  Have a Happy Humpday!


Chrissy said...

Great tip! Thanks so much! Reminds me I need to go fill up my glass right now!
Hope you're doing fine! It's been a while!
Hugs xxx

Sue at the Little Shack said...

Hey! Great idea!! Going to measure my water bottle and see how many I SHOULD be drinking! Thanks for the tip!

Halina said...

Thanks for the tip! I'm doing a two weeks "challenge" if you can call it that: drink half a bottle before breakfast and before I go to bed. I thinks it's how the stars do it, isn't it? :D have a lovely Saturday! iblog4me - member