Hotty Toddy

Sorry I've been MIA this week, I've been sick since Sunday, and today is the first day I've even remotely felt like sitting in front of the computer.  I'm not better, but at least I feel like sitting up.  Thankfully I have two little guys that will cuddle up next to me and watch movies.

 I thought I would share a recipe for those of you that have ever had a sore throat or bronchitis, that is supposed to help soothe the throat.    For all of you Ole Miss fans, it just a staple for game days down in the Grove!

Hotty Toddy

1 tsp honey
2 oz water
1 oz whiskey
1 tsp lemon juice
cinnamon stick or nutmeg

Water needs to be warm or heat all in coffee cup

Recipe via my wonderful friend, straight out of Mississippi Kim!  Thanks and I love ya!


Anonymous said...

My dad LOVES these! Especially when he's not feeling well... They're a bit too strong for me. I'm more of a hot tea and honey person. haha.

Anna said...

This looks like a perfect remedy! Hope you'll bee well soon!