Simple Solution for Little Lego Men/Women

We are always looking for solutions to store toys that our boys acquire.  A couple of weeks ago, we offered a simple solution for storing matchbox cars in a fishing tackle box.  If you missed it, you can read it here

This week, we need to talk about Lego's.  More specifically, Lego men and women.  Sure it's easy to throw them in the box or bin with the rest of the pieces, but it is more fun to display and keep their accessories with them.  A simple solution to this is using a Plano Double Sided Clear Organizer. Yes, this is something else used for fishing but works perfectly for organizing these little Lego's.  This organizer can be found at any store that sells fishing supplies.  This one in particular was found at Walmart for under $3.00.

This case can hold a total of 20 Lego men/women which is 10 on each side.  There are little dividers that come with the case that need to be set up by you.  Here it is with a few our Lego people.


When the kids are finished playing, the Lego's can be put away ready for the next time.  This is also a quick thing that you grab on your way out the door if you need something to entertain your little one when going on a shopping trip or to the doctors office. 

Hope you enjoy!!!!


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