Simple Solutions

We are going to change Man-day Monday up a bit and start providing “Simple Solutions” to everyday items we use.  These solutions will provide alternate ideas to re-use items or simply save money. 

Here is an example of a simple solution that will save money and be functional years on down the road.

If you have boys (sorry everyone, but this first one is about boys since we have 3) you probably own a “few” matchbox cars.  We own no less than 100 at this point.  The problem is, where do you keep them?  Yes, Toys-r-Us makes Matchbox carriers like these:

But they can be quite expense.  They are also limited to 72 cars and have flimsy latches.  This one pictured runs $15.99.  At this point I would have to buy 2 and the larger vehicles don't fit very well.
A simple solution that struck me one day, was to use a fishing tackle box.  They come in many sizes and already have dividers so the cars can be separated.  The bottom area has a large opening that can accommodate the larger or taller vehicles.

Here is what our boys currently use:

Sure its not as "cute" as the Matchbox wheel, but it is much more functional and practical.  There are spots / dividers for a numerous amount of cars.

Here it is with the top open. 

Fold out the trays and there are dividers / slots for approximately 95 cars.

There is also a large storage space at the bottom for larger items. 

There is plenty of room for well over 125 cars.  This tackle box cost $14.99 and I had to only buy one.  Plus in the future as the boys grow and out grow the cars, one of them can use this for their fishing tackle. 

Well this is our start at "Simple Solutions", I hope you enjoyed and start thinking of creative ideas and alternate uses for items.  If you have any ideas that you would like to leave, please pass them along so others can enjoy.

Happy Monday!!!



Unknown said...

love this, we have a truck carrier and as you said it doesn't fit them all or some are too big.

Stopping by to say hello.


momto8 said...

perfect! way more heavy duty too...for those gentle boys!

Reta said...

You could also use this for all the hair accessories if you have girls like I do! Thanks for the tip.

Jen Levitz said...

LOVE IT!!! I would probably use the bottom area for roadways I made out of fleece in different shapes. (curves, straight aways, etc.) Then everything is together. :D


Paige said...

I am having trouble finding one like this so cheap...what store did you find this one at?

Heather said...

I think I found the same one on Amazon. It's the Plano Hip Roof Tackle Box with 6 Trays and it's around $15.

My question is will it hold the Disney Pixar cars? My son has loads of those as well as the Hot Wheels and Matchbox.