Repurposed Picture Frame

Here's a little craft, that's was very inexpensive and fun to use. I have seen these Boogie Boards, and thought, why spend the $40 when I can make one for much less.

 I have tons of frames, but I didn't have any light weight frames, so I headed to Walmart and bought a $.95 frame.

What you'll need:
magnetic strip
scrapbook paper
hot glue or gorilla glue
I chose red scrapbook paper for the month of February, each month you can change it out so you don't get bored with it.

Hot glue or gorilla glue the magnetic strip to the back of the mat, not on the wood, you won't get the back off if you put it on the wood.

Let dry, cut the paper to the size of the frame, grab a dry erase marker, and you're done!

An inexpensive note board for your fridge.

Happy Crafting!  Love, BJ


Beka Fox said...

what a great idea!!! :) following you from chatty mommy follow up. :)u

Michelle said...

Very cool idea! Thanks for sharing it with us at the Valentine Craft linky!