10 running/walking must haves

Running has become something that I do.  I might not always like it, but I know that it's good for me, and it helps clear the mind.  I've come up with a list of 10 things that I can't live without.  Somethings you won't need at all, where others are a MUST!

1. Garmin 405- If you want to be a serious runner/walker, I would highly recommend some sort of running watch with heart rate monitor.  I LOVE mine!  It keeps me on pace, has a virtual partner, and lets me know how many calories I've burned.  All and all, this watch is amazing!

2. Running shoes- Not all running shoes are the same, just like our feet.  I would recommend going to a running store if your have one in your area, and have them help you find what would be best for your foot.  Some people only like one brand or another, I like what feels good.  I've owned and loved Asics and Adidas, they are comfy and feel good while running.  Don't have your heart set on just one brand because they might not be the best for you.

3.  Nursing sports bra- Of course this is only necessary if you're nursing, but having a good one is important!  I know Motherhood Maternity carries them, and a few other places on line.

4.  iPhone/iPod loaded with my favorite get going music in my lifeproof case! Okay, so if you have kids, are outside a lot, drop your phone often or like to ski or be in the rain, I would HIGHLY recommend a Lifepoof case, they are amazing!  They can actually be dropped into a pool or water of any kind, and be completely safe. HONEST!  Steve videoed D swimming this past summer, and not only did the video look good, but the phone was dry as can be.

5.  Hanky/tissue-  if your are getting a good run or walk in, your nose is sure to run, so it's always nice to have on you.

6.  water to stay hydrated!

7.  running skort/shorts and a running tank- I say running ones because they help keep you feeling a little dryer than regular shorts and tanks.  It always feels a little better when you are finished to not be dripping wet! YUCK!  Many companies make the dry fit materials, and they may cost a little more but they are worth it! You can even buy running gear at TJ Maxx and Old Navy!

8.  sunglasses- When it's sunny out, it's nice to have a pair of shades so that you don't have to squint.  Be sure that they fit tightly enough so that you don't have to keep pushing them up on your face.

9.  Goodys headbands- One of my huge pet peeves is my hair falling into my face while I'm exercising.  Goody's makes a slip proof headband that's pretty great!

10.  running stroller- of course for all you running/walking mommies and daddies, a good stroller is a must!  I know I don't have the convenience of having someone watching the little guys while I go for my run/walk so I have to have a running stroller to bring them along.  Good thing they love it, it actually puts them to sleep, so I have a peaceful run!

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Jansen Family said...

My kids LOVE "their" running stroller, lol! There's some really cool stores here in Houston that fit you with running shoes and analyze your gait to get you the shoes that will best support your foot's unique shape. It's amazing what can happen when you wear shoes that support the weak spots in your feet! Fun post!