Simple Chicken Noodle Soup

On cold winter days, I love to have a good bowl of chicken noodle soup.  Many years ago I learned to make my own, and it's pretty easy.

3 Chicken breasts (unless you like a lot of meat)
64 oz of chicken broth
bay leaves
egg noodles

In a large pot boil chicken breast, usually about an hour to cook through.
In a wok or skillet, cut up vegetables and saute them with butter until soft.  This gives them a little flavor once mixed in the soup.
After chicken has boiled about an hour, remove and shred on a cutting board.(you can cut it up in cubes if you prefer, I like mine shredded)

Do not pour out all of the water, just a little less than half.

Put Shredded Chicken, vegetables and 64 ounces of chicken broth back into the remaining water.

I like Aldi's chicken broth, but what ever you use, I'm sure if fine.
Once everything is in the pot, add parsley, a little basil, 2 bay leaves and pepper.  I don't add salt since everyone likes different amounts, I feel they can add their own.
Once your broth with chicken has cooked for about an hour, you can add the egg noodles.  If you prefer a lot of broth in your soup, don't put your noodles in.  Cook the noodles separate, then add the chicken and broth over your noodles.  If you put it in the soup, the noodles suck up all the broth.  

Another yummy tip is, use a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store that has been already cooked.  Just pull it off the bone and add the other steps, it is super yummy and gives it a different taste.  

Either way, enjoy and keep warm!

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Chrissy said...

Mmh, sounds and looks delicious! I love chicken noodle soup and this sounds really easy! Will try it! Thanks for sharing! xxx