Leprechaun Punch

I thought I would start sharing some St. Patrick Day treats!  Today's is super Simple!

Leprechaun Punch

Lime Sherbet
maraschino cherries
lime slices

Put contents of sherbet and sprite in glass bowl, add cherries and lime slices for looks, enjoy!

Your little Leprechauns are sure to love this treat!


Ashley said...

Simple & Easy...I will have to try this at my next party!

Anna said...

Looks delicious! My friend made be the best Strawberry daiquiri I've ever tasted last Saturday and it had lots of lime and Sprite in it - I think it was that what made it so incredibly good!

Anonymous said...

This is such a cute idea! We have a popular green melon soft drink here in Japan that would look awesome in this. ( although perhaps a little toooo green lol) Thanks for sharing, I look forward to trying this one soon :)