A simple kitchen solution

The kitchen always presents itself with ideas where we can make things a little cleaner and simpler looking.  The one that sticks out to me is the dish soap bottle.  We always had a bottle of Dawn sitting on the back of the sink.  It didn’t look good and definitely didn’t fit in with the décor. 
One day things changed when we were given a gift that was a glass bottle.  The glass had a beautiful design and looked good on the sink.  All you do is pour the detergent in the bottle and use an old lotion pump to dispense the soap.  Its quick and easy to use and less of an eye sore.

If you go shopping for one, they could be quite expense depending on your taste, but if you stop and think for a moment, there is a way to make one without having to spend extra money.  Finish that bottle of wine and use that to hold the soap.  Finish off that bottle of lotion or shampoo  and viola, you have a pump for dispensing.   Use your imagination and you will start to see bottles and how to repurpose them.


Ashley said...

Very Cute Idea, I will defiantly be trying!

DGMommy Tamara said...

Excellent idea! I do this too. I had an abundance of olive oil/vinegar bottles and turned one into my dish soap bottle. It keeps it handy, yet attractive! Just like your blog! :) New follower from Monday hop.