Motivation Monday

They say beauty is only skin deep.  For all my fit family out there, we know that we workout, lose weight and feel good for ourselves.  Once we have accomplished these goals, even if they are part of a whole, we feel amazing.  I may not have lost all the weight I want yet, but I fit in a smaller jean size than I have in years!  So when I do put the jeans on, I feel great!  I look in the mirror and see the lines developing in my abs, (when I have good food days)  and feel amazing.  Everyone around me might be able to see them through my clothes, but I know they are there and that's what matters!  When we feel good about ourselves, we exude that wether we want to or not.  So when you run, walk, lift or use a video today, think to yourself, am I giving it my all?  If not, convince yourself you can and get busy!  Work a little harder and it will show!

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Ashley said...

Make the scale your b*tch by wearing your skinny jeans! You motivate me lady! together we will find our best selfs and be our families fitness power houses...xoxo