Fit Tip Friday

Today's tip is as simple as can be!   Kill two birds with one stone by parking farther away from the store, and walk the extra steps, not only will you burn more calories, but with all the crazy Christmas shoppers that are starting to creep out of the woodwork, it will save your vehicle doors too;)

Make time for yourself, don't make excuses that you want changes to your body, but don't do anything about it.  I love one of my besties to death!  She is constantly telling me she wants to workout with me, but tells me that I need to find time for her to do it.  I simply said, "if you want it badly enough, you'll make the time."  Needless to say she didn't respond to that one.

If you do nothing else for yourself today, go for a walk.  20 mins is better than 0.  Have a great weekend and enjoy the fall beauty!

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